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Guangdong KINGRUN

Guangdong Kingrun Technology Corporation Limited was established as a professional die caster in Hengli Town of Dongguan, China.It has evolved to an excellent die caster providing many types of precision casting components which are widely used in many industries.


  • Heatsinks Cover

    Kingrun’s Aluminum High Pressure Die Casting Production

    What materials are used for creating die cast parts? The die casting process can create parts with alloys of the following elements (listed from most common to least): Aluminum – Lightweight, high dimensional stability, good corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, high thermal and electr...

  • Die casting housing for gear box

    Aluminum Component Using the High-Pressure Die Casting Process for Electric Vehicles

    The automobile industry is the largest market for high pressure die casting components. The demand for electric vehicles has been rapidly growing thanks in large part to changes in emission norms worldwide and a shift in consumer preferences. These changes have pushed automakers to replace heavie...

  • Aluminum housing of battery enclosure

    What is the best material for a battery enclosure?

    As technology continues to advance, the demand for efficient and reliable energy storage solutions has never been greater. One crucial component of these energy storage systems is the battery enclosure, which plays a vital role in protecting the batteries and ensuring their optimal performance. W...